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Countess Luann’s Fosé Rosé

Countess Luann’s Fosé Rosé (2 Bottles)

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Countess Luann’s Fosé Rosé is a unique, natural non-alcoholic sparkling wine with superfood ingredients like schisandra and damiana, elegant tannin and herbal ingredients like rosemary and white oak, and a deliciously refreshing hibiscus and white wine grape base. 

Key Ingredients: 

  • Damiana  - Nervine tonic and aphrodisiac sourced from Texas. Relaxing to nervous system, supportive to immunity and elasticity.
  • Schisandra - Adaptogenic liver fortifier best known for its mood stabilizing properties
  • Hibiscus - Floral high in polyphenols and vitamin c. Known for its ability to lower blood pressure and increase in cellular regeneration (antioxidants)
  • Rosemary - Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory herb known for its ability to stimulate and awaken the mind - improve memory, intelligence (neurogenesis), and focus
  • Vanilla - Immune boosting, and neuroprotective against dementia, memory loss
  • White Oak - healing to the gut and toning for skin, circulatory system
  • White Grape - proven source of vitamin C, Vitamin A, and antioxidants

Made with Purpose By Countess Luann

Choosing to skip alcohol for the night - or the rest of your life - is an incredibly empowering decision, I know firsthand. Indulging in a night with girlfriends sans booze made me feel more confident, vibrant, and at peace with myself and the world around me. We should all have more reasons to live rich, beautiful lives without compromising our health – and it all starts with having better options.That’s what inspired me to create a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé that lets everyone share in the party. With one refreshing sip, drinkers will taste the love and purpose that went into this very special blend.